MassGrid Alpha Test for Windows

MassGrid is a decentralized computing network based on blockchain technology. MassGrid virtualizes hardware computing resources scattered around the world into decentralized computing nodes, which forms a computing network with abundant computing resources and unlimited access. By using this network, Users can process sophisticated tasks in high performance and low cost, such as machine learning, big data processing, ?rendering , and parallel searching.


MassGrid Alpha version with payment function has been launched on March 27th, 2019. Users can use the computing resource by paying test coin tMGD with the test version of PC wallet.


Users can contact us (WeChat: massgrid01) to register for the test qualification,then visit ? to apply tMGD after registration. You can apply for 1000 tMGD each time once a day.

参与测试的用户请先联系工作人员(微信号:massgrid01)登记测试资格。登记完毕后访问 自助申请tMGD,每日可申请一次,每次1000tMGD。

Users could use MassGrid network for mining, machine learning, training neural networks, big data processing or any computing tasks. This document uses MGD mining as an example to demonstrate the configuration and usage steps in detail.


We will continue to improve Mass Grid network. Welcome to join our WeChat group for testing and feedback.


Our goal is to develop a convenient decentralized computing network based on blockchain that connects computing resources and developers worldwide.


MassGrid decentralized computing network structure


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